Fire Extinguisher

Very essential safety feature  in every workshop!

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Display Bridge

Finished dying Jill’s display bridge with cherry red wood dye, just need to make a perspex cover.


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Surface Grinding

Tonight i got to work with a surface grinder for the first time, what a great machine!

Initial work on the cylinder block.

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Some threads to start a new year

With all the holiday times done and dusted, i thought i would ease myself back into this project with the 5 supports for the cylinder block.

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Crank Shaft

It’s quite nerve wrecking taking cuts so close!

So the shaft is now correct diameter, next week we will attempt the off center shafts for the cranks.



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Crankshaft Hole

Finished up the base this evening, all that’s needed now is a bit of filling, some water paper and polish to give it a nice Finnish.

It was quite a challenge drilling the crankshaft hole, first center drill, then a 4 mm drill all the way through, then 7.95 mm drill and finished off with a 8 mm reamer.

Also marked out, drilled and tapped the holes for the 5 vertical supports as well as drilled the 4 mounting holes.

Another great night in the workshop learning and progressing one step at a time!


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Completed the Flywheel this evening, learn about the patience needed to tap holes, battled for about 30 mins and then ended up making a new grub screw.

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The more the better?

I must admit that i am enjoying repetitive tasks more than i thought i would, tonight we made three “crank shaft caps”? (not sure what the right description is), it is great to see how each piece you make comes out a little better than the previous piece.

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The Base

Got quite far on the base for the Stuart Turner – Lady on Thames this evening.

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A restoration project for a rainy day :)

A friend gave me a “Stuart no 9″ ? look forward to restoring this, not much to be done, just a good clean up and some work on the governor.

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